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Core Principles

The ILRWG’s recently published report, The American Dream Up for Sale: A Blueprint for Ending International Labor Recruitment Abuse details the current problems endemic to international labor recruitment and outlines an action plan for policymakers to remedy the exploitation and abuse.

The Working Group has developed a list of eight principles that should be ensured in any guestworker program. These principles should inform any comprehensive overhaul of the regulations, structure and enforcement of all visa categories that are used to recruit international workers to the U.S.

1. Freedom from discrimination and retaliation

2. Right to know the process and their rights

3. Freedom from economic coercion

4. Right to receive contract with fair terms and give informed consent

5. Accountability of the employer

6. Freedom of movement while working in the U.S.

7. Freedom of association and collective bargaining with labor unions and organizations

8. Access to justice

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