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The International Labor Recruitment Working Group

Formed in October 2011, the ILRWG is the first coordinated effort to strategically address abuses in international labor recruitment across visa categories. The Working Group is comprised of organizations working in various industries and with workers with a wide variety of visa types.

The Working Group seeks to end the systemic abuse of international workers who are recruited to the U.S., by collaborating across labor sectors to develop comprehensive policies and advocate for reforms, including increased enforcement of existing laws and increased transparency in the labor recruitment process. The formation of the Working Group represents a transformational shift in the conceptual framing of guestworker protections: one that recognizes the systematic abuses in the recruitment of foreign workers as a form of economic coercion.

By forging alliances across labor sectors and advocating together on behalf of workers in various visa categories, the Working Group has the unique potential to bring the voices of recruited workers into policy discussions and ensure that their problems are treated as issues of human rights. By uniting our message, the Working Group will advance the development of comprehensive worker protections and effective enforcement through each of the visa and work programs dependent upon international labor recruitment.

Learn more about the ILRWG:

Review our 8 Core Principles.

View a complete list of ILRWG Members and supporters.


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