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Each year, hundreds of thousands of people from around the world are recruited to work in the United States on temporary visas. Their work ranges from low-wage jobs in agriculture and landscaping to higher-wage jobs in technology, nursing and teaching. They enter the United States on a dizzying array of visas, for different lengths of time, with different rules and requirements. Yet regardless of their job title, race, gender or home country, internationally recruited workers face disturbingly common patterns of abuse, including fraud, discrimination, severe economic coercion, retaliation, blacklisting and, in some cases, forced labor, indentured servitude, debt bondage and human trafficking.

Our current patchwork of outdated visa regulations allow this appalling abuse to continue. This site, and the advocates who put it together, seek to highlight the shortcomings and gaps in the current regulatory and enforcement framework governing international worker programs and demonstrate the terrible human cost of our failure to ensure basic worker protections. As our nation enters a real conversation on comprehensive immigration reform, meaningful regulation of recruitment practices must be a part of the package.

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